Looking for Entry-Level Talent

We are always open to finding new talent at net2Community, Inc., the past couple of years we have been in a holding pattern and unable to expand. Our workload and opportunities are improving and we are expanding our service offerings and products! We are now in a position to provide employment opportunities to people who are struggling as the world continues to recover from this pandemic.

We are actively seeking people for entry-level internship or apprentice positions, to join our team. If you are looking for a career in web development or internet technologies. We have the track record and experience to help the right people find their place, why not earn as you learn?

We look for people who are "smart and have good heart" to join our team.

As we expand our team we want to,

  • provide a continued learning experience for our people and clients
  • provide a diverse, inclusive, and safe working environment for everyone
  • continue to nurture and grow Drupal talent and to strengthen career opportunities in the Drupal Community.

We are looking for people who want to develop skills in the following areas. Experience and skill level is preferred, and knowledge of the Drupal project is helpful, however, this is for an entry-level position as an intern or apprenticeship. We will provide your training, coaching, and mentorship.

  • site building and site maintenance
  • customer support and training
  • sales, marketing, and communications
  • user experience, design, and front end
  • backend and devOps
  • security

The criteria to join our team are:

  • 1st and most important, smart people with good heart
  • 2nd, the potential for long term contribution
  • 3rd, the best fit

While we are specifically looking for entry-level positions, we are open to discussing any employment, contracting, or partnering opportunities that provide mutual benefit to everyone involved.

What are your Drupal or Web Development skills
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