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net2Community, Inc. has always been focused on our clients' projects and spreading the good news about the Drupal Project and community. Bob Snodgrass founded net2Community, Inc. in March of 2005 to operate primarily as a freelance consultant. A couple of web projects pointed him to open-source content management systems. He was quickly introduced to Drupal. Projects got bigger and more fun and the Drupal community provided access to a wealth of knowledge and consultants to help get things done.


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A perspective from DrupalCon, Baltimore April 2017

John Siciliano and I recently attended the Annual North American DrupalCon. This was my seventh DrupalCon and John's first!


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net2Community provides custom website design development and support services.

St. Charles, IL – February 7, 2017 – Bob Snodgrass says that creating exceptional internet experiences for clients is more fun and successful as a team. To improve and expand operations, Snodgrass, as president and founder of net2Community, Inc. in St. Charles looked locally for two new hires.


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Alejandro Salinas and John Siciliano of net2Community, Inc. presented on "Drupal Security and Management Tools", on February 15, 2017.


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Van Kirk Consulting has been a net2Community client since February 2007 as Times have changed for them with John Van Kirk's partner transitioning out of the business and taking on full time employment. In the meantime technology has changed, hardcoded HTML did the trick for their small business back then. These days the state of the art for Drupal made it very practical to move their site to Drupal 8.

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