Bob Snodgrass President with n2C for 18 years 71 days Here to deliver
Will Long (aka @kerasai) Developer (contractor) with n2C for 12 years 72 days Here for complex problems
Dave Goldin Themer/Strategist at large (contractor) with n2C for 13 years 85 days Here to architect solutions
Adrian McKee Developer with n2C for 5 years 251 days Here to help, to learn and to flourish.
Sally Gradle Front End Developer & our WordPress Expert (Contractor) with n2C for 4 years 37 days Here to make things better
Alejandro Salinas Backend Developer (contractor) with n2C for 9 years 90 days Here to resolve and enhance
Chris Calip Full Stack Developer (contractor) with n2C for 13 years 169 days Here for the challenges
Kristin Wiseman Apprentice Developer with n2C for 232 days Here to learn as much as I can
Adrian McKee
Sally Gradle
Kristin Wiseman
Alejandro Salinas
Bob Snodgrass
Will Long (aka @kerasai)
Dave Goldin
Chris Calip