Bob Snodgrass


Here to deliver

Bob has been doing computer systems consulting, sales and training for over 30 years. Bob started net2Community, Inc. in March of 2005 to focus on helping not-for-profit, community groups, and local businesses with information technology.

Doing Drupal since 4.7 and organizer of the Fox Valley Drupal Users Group in the Western Chicago Suburbs.

When he is working, Bob is typically focused on business development, project management, training, site building and experimenting with Drupal and related technologies. Of course, he has responsibility to keep the business going on the administration front as well. One of his main goals is to give the net2Community team opportunities for challenge and growth, not to mention hours and increased pay.

The previous 12 years of his career was spent working on project development and management of systems implementation projects in City & County government and utilities. net2Community is now almost 12 years old and that's how long it's been since Bob's resume was last updated. Hmmm... it might be time for an update, just in case anybody cares.

When Bob gets time off from work he is active outdoors; biking, hiking, canoeing and skiing. Bob and his wife also enjoy traveling and taking in the local fare.

You can find Bob online at LinkedIn, or on Twitter.

Bob's Portrait with n2C for 17 years 109 days