Will Long (aka @kerasai)

Developer (contractor)

Here for complex problems

When there is a tough programming issue, Will is one of our go-to contract developers. Will earned his Triple Certified Rating with Acquia Drupal Developer certification in 2015 and has done contract development work for us since 2011. His experience and technical ability is a tremendous asset on any project. 

Growing up, Will tells us, he was always interested in various forms of technology such as audio and video and soon afterward he found himself in front of a computer learning to write programs. Curiosity got him through school and into various sectors within the IT industry such as networking, telephony, and support operations which eventually led him back to his true passion-coding.

What he does professionally is even cooler than just writing code because he gets to analyze projects with real world needs and develop solutions to meet those needs. As a Drupal developer this means not only writing PHP and JavaScript but also learning about and leveraging existing technology to achieve a project's goals.

More about Will at http://kerasai.com/


Will Long with n2C for 12 years 357 days