Chris Calip

Full Stack Developer (contractor)

Here for the challenges

Chris, a software engineer, is a 2nd generation programmer.  Chris and net2Community,Inc. started collaborating in 2009.  He has an undergrad degree in computer information science and is working on a master’s degree in computer science.  He has nearly 300 commits on the Drupal Project.

When not jumping out of perfectly airworthy airplanes, Chris is up for the many challenges and changes associated with Map Web Applications; Data Visualization; Data Migrations; Site builder; Project Lead; Integration Salesforce; Integration Custom Services; being a Meetup Presenter; working on backend functionality;Full Stack Dev; Drupal 6,7,8 Dev; Data Visualization Mapping; Map Search; LeafletJS; Algolia; Jquery; etc.

Chris Calip Photo with n2C for 14 years 89 days